The German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV)

As a centre of competence that sets benchmarks within German, European, and international research and consultation in the field of administrative sciences, the institute is unique in Germany. It is sustained by both federal and Laender governments and has good international connections.

"Research about and forpublic administration" has been the motto and remit of The German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV) since it was founded in 1976. It investigates public administrative bodies on all levels, from local entities through to the European and international spheres, and demonstrates possibilities for their further development and improvement.

Researchers from within Germany and abroad, who are proven experts in the field of administration research, can be employed as fellows at the institute. There they work together in interdisciplinary teams with research consultants on projects in research and consultation. The institute is led by a director, with additional committees supporting and supervising the work of the institute.

The institute is active in a series of national and international networks focused on research in the field of administration sciences. Traditionally, there has been a close cooperation with the neighbouring German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer. However, alongside this the institute works with many other partners around the globe.

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