Willkommen am FÖV

Willkommen am FÖV

Dr. Yseult Marique

Forschungsreferentin, Bereich „Europäischer Verwaltungsraum“

Promotion (Ph.D. in Law), University of Cambridge (Großbritannien), Dissertation: "A legal narrative for English and Belgian public-private partnerships"
Betreuer: Prof. Dr. John Bel

Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education Practice, University of Essex (Großbritannien)
Law studies, Belgium

What are your major research interests?
My research interests revolve around European / comparative administrative law and public contracts (especially Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands). See website

What are your career goals?
I hope very much to work to foster a vibrant and inspiring research community strongly valuing engagement with practitioners in the field of European and comparative public law

What kind of support do you get to achive your goals? Why did you decide to work for FÖV?
I was attracted to spend two years in Speyer as the Forschungsinstitut offers lively research groups, supportive interdisciplinary discussions and excellent networks in European and administrative law.

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