The Transformation of the Civil Service in Europe

The international research project "Transformation of the Public Service in Europe" started in early 2021. It is directed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl-Peter Sommermann, Apl. Prof. Dr. Cristina Fraenkel-Haeberle and assistant professor Dr. habil. Adam Krzywon (University of Warsaw/currently German Research Institute for Public Administration). In March 2022, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation approved an application for funding to support the project.
The project provides a comprehensive exploration of the transformation processes in the public employment from the European perspective. The performance of the Civil Service is crucial for the well-functioning of public administration, as well as the conduct of civil servants towards citizens is fundamental for building trust in the political system. Without impartial civil servants, who act according to objective criteria, the legitimacy of democratic States governed by the Rule of Law would be called into question. In recent decades, the demands on civil servants have increased with the growing complexity of public tasks. The acceleration of technological, economic and societal developments, combined with institutional changes in dynamic systems of multi-level governance, entail new qualification requirements. Due to the efficacy and efficiency expected from the Civil Service systems, they must be conceived as learning systems that need to be constantly optimised with regard to the duties and tasks to be fulfilled by the public administration. The main aspiration of the project is to undertake a stocktaking of the transformations and reforms in the Civil Service which can be observed in selected European States in recent decades. This comparative approach would enable an in-depth cross-cutting analysis of the most important domains and would open up the perspectives for further development of the European Civil Service systems. The research project is aimed at creating a network of scholars, representing diverse legal traditions, who are capable of bringing a wealth of expertise and insights into the matter. The collaboration with these experts will be the essence of all the actions. The output of the project "The Transformation of the Civil Service in Europe" will be a comprehensive book that explores the transformation processes in the public employment from the European perspective.
An authors' conference will take place from the 30th June to the 1st July 2022.


6.4.2022 - 5.4.2024