European Administrative Space, European administrative network and comparison of European (legal) administrations
Research field 1

The previous activities of the programme, relating to the political-administrative freedom of manoeuvre of the member states in the European integration process, have revealed that a detailed analysis of more specialised subject areas requires regular in-depth preparation of the scientific discussions, especially to clarify basic questions of European integration, of the European Administrative Space and of comparative European (legal) administrations. Even if the approaches adopted in individual cases may extend beyond the narrow fields of this programme, the further research of the programme - as well as the remaining Europe-related research of the German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV) in the context of the programme area "Digitalisation", of the research body "Civil Service" and of the Zentrum für Politikberatung (Centre for Policy Advice) – can in turn build on these foundations.

In order for the program area to be able to engage in successful comparative work, it is also necessary to include expertise from outside the FÖV in individual research projects. Intensive networking through joint research work is required to recruit renowned experts from home and abroad to cooperate in the programme's research projects. Consequently, such networked activity on European integration topics and issues is an essential part of the programme’s activities.

Therefore, the research field "European Administrative Space, European administrative network and comparison of European (legal) administrations: foundations" of the European Administrative Space programme bundles "Preliminary research questions" and "Networking activities" of the members of the programme. In this way  it creates the basis for joint interdisciplinary research work and joint external networking. In particular this bundling permits including those externally-funded projects obtained by the senior fellows and research associates of the programme, which admittedly stand in clear connexion with the European Administrative Space, but which cannot automatically be assigned to more specific areas of concern, in the activities integrating the findings made there in the joint research. This approach permits bringing together the senior fellows, research associates and guest researchers of the programme into one team, which as part of regularly occurring in-house workshops can engage in exchanges on each other's research approaches, methods and results, work on individual research questions in differently composed working groups and develop joint publication strategies.

Externally-funded projects on the European Administrative Space integrated in the programme area research: international administrative styles

Publications on the foundations of the European Administrative Space, comparison of European (legal) administrations and of the European administrative network

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