Digital education

Digitalisation in education represents an enormous challenge in Germany. The project deals with the legal regulatory framework for new digital educational formats, the use of algorithm-based and self-learning systems in education and the conditions for state educational registers. The basic legal issues arise chiefly in the areas of data protection, university, school and constitutional law.

The project first examines the question under what conditions educational applications from the USA such as massive open online courses (MOOCs) are even permissible at German universities. The question of co-responsibility of universities for possible data protection breaches attributable to the processing of the commercial educational providers arises. The conditions for international data transfers of personal data of students to the USA also require clarification.

A second focus is on the use of software applications in universities. What general conditions apply to algorithms and artificial intelligence that give automated study advice? In addition, the project takes a closer look at the possibilities for the algorithmic-based assignment of university places.

The third focus of the project is whether and under what conditions introducing an individual educational indicator and educational register is legally permissible in Germany.

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