Regulatory tasks for the state regarding the Internet of Things

The project examines the state's responsibility to regulate the platform economy and the Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things has catalysed the parameters of the platform economy and as a result led to an aggravation of the typical legal and economic interests. Since the Internet of Things is dependent on complex platforms, adaptive software applications and highly automated information and communication networks in order to be able to unfold its full potential, numerous questions of the regulation of new digital technologies and phenomena are bundled. Finding new approaches to guarantee data protection and data security on devices that are connected to an Internet of Things is a special challenge.

The research project analyses the fundamental normative need and the constitutional background for regulation triggered by the interplay of the Internet of Things and the platform economy. The attention here is in particular on the state options for regulatory intervention in the market, taking into account both data protection laws and competition law, as well as ethical and behavioural economic viewpoints.

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Prof. Dr. Mario Martini