Pioneering research into public administration – this motto encapsulates the mission of the German Research Institute for Public Administration.

In its interdisciplinary projects, some 70 scientists conduct research in order to promote comprehension, development, and improvement of public administration. Using legal, economic, and
sociological approaches as well as methods of the administrative, political, and historical sciences, the Institute’s projects address a wide range of issues in all spheres of public administration, from the local level to the European and international arenas.

Current programme areas:

In addition, further projects are being investigated outside the thematic areas to permit for rapid reaction to emerging research needs as they arise. 

Committed to a balance between basic and applied research, the Institute translates theoretical insights directly into practical consultancy services for public institutions.

As a scientific center of excellence, the Institute sets standards in German, European, and international research and consultancy. It is sponsored jointly by the federal government and the federal states of Germany, and represents Germany’s national interests in matters of public administration on the international stage.

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