Evaluation of the guidelines concerning citizen participation of the city of Cologne

On behalf of the municipality of cologne and Zebralog GmbH, a pioneer company in cross-media citizen participation, the FÖV Speyer carry out an evaluation of the guidelines for citizen participation developed by the city, citizens and Zebralog. In parallel to a pilot phase testing the guidelines the evaluation shall deliver information about the probation of the guidelines and related measures and procedures, especially quality standards and measures which shall guarantee “good participation”. By the help of scientifically proven evaluation measures such as guided and personal interviews, workshops, online-surveys among others data and information shall be attained in order to help to test and develop the guidelines. The aim of the whole process is the preparation of the adoption of the guidelines by the city council.
The most important actors which are relevant bodies of the municipal administration, local politics and governance as well as the civil society are in the center of the evaluation. Feedback about the results of the evaluation are submitted to the actors on a regular basis. Hence, the pilot phase shall become a learning process which shall help to adjust and develop the guidelines.

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1.11.2018 - 30.6.2020


Zebralog GmbH & Co. KG