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The youth check is an instrument for reviewing and sensitising. It is intended to make visible the impacts of planned legislative proposals on young people aged between 12 and 27. The standardised methodology of the youth check was developed in a preliminary stage by the Institute for Regulatory Impact Analysis and Evaluation (InGFA) in cooperation with a workshop group consisting of youth policy experts. It is an important component of the youth strategy of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). The Competence Centre Youth Check (KomJC) was begun as project of the FÖV on 1 August 2017 for the development and implementation of the "youth check" in Berlin.

Reviewing and sensitising
The possible impacts of planned legislation on the living situations of young people  should be documented systematically and in detail. In this way, both intended effects and unintended side effects of individual projects on groups of young people should be demonstrated. The check covers six areas of life and eleven impact dimensions. The results are presented in the form of written statements. These will be handed to the BMFSFJ in the course of interministerial coordination. The insights will be published in the course of the parliamentary debate on the KomJC website. The methodology of the youth check is continuously reflected upon and redeveloped. Young people were involved in the development of the youth check through participation formats. The first events on this topic were planned in spring 2018.

Alongside reviewing legislative proposals, KomJC pursues the goals of sensitising political and administrative bodies and the public to legislation that deals with young people appropriately. To this end, exchanges and cooperation are being sought with political institutions on a federal and regional level, with civil society, and with experts. The KomJC will offer advice to interested institutions and actors on the subject of the youth check.

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