Study on the extent of violence against public service employees and possible courses of action

The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community has commissioned the German Research Institute for Public Administration to conduct a study on the extent of violence against public service employees and on possible countermeasures.
There are various indications that public service employees are increasingly affected by violence in the course of their work. Police crime statistics from recent years, surveys for individual occupational groups or federal states, and intensive press coverage point in this direction. However, comprehensive figures on assaults against public service employees are not yet available. A systematic overview of practical experience with approaches to contain violence is also lacking.The aim of the project is therefore to create a factual basis for the development of sustainable and differentiated strategies for dealing with violence against public service employees. In order to obtain a comprehensive picture, the study will take a closer look at different administrative areas (e.g. police, fire brigade/rescue services, social/labour administration) and administrative levels (federal, state, local). The different research results will be compiled in a report and presented to a broad expert audience at a closing conference in spring 2020.


01.11.2020 - 30.06.2022