Public Sector Reform Peru

Since 2002, there has been a democratisation process in Peru with extensive reforms to modernise the state structure and public administration. FÖV advises the National Authority for Public Service in Peru (SERVIR), which is in charge of the reform measures. The initial aim of the cooperation was the research-based development of concepts for reflection, design and implementation of the public administration reform process. In addition to the German experience, findings from the reform processes in Georgia and Croatia were taken into account and examined comparatively. Beyond the development of strategies for the transition process, the foundations of an induction programme for public servants in Peru were developed, which is intended to serve a meritocratic administration in Peru. This was developed together with the National School of Public Administration in Peru (ENAP). The project aimed at establishing a long-term cooperation between FÖV and SERVIR and was funded by GIZ. The successfully established cooperation between SERVIR, ENAP and FÖV will be continued after the funding ends.