Potential Analysis Open Government

The study across policy areas initiated by the Federal Chancellery focused on a potential analysis of open government in Federal Government. The implementation of the National Action Plan’s first commitment in the context of Germany’s participation in the Open Government Partnership constituted the framework of this study. Identifying fields of research and activity for a further development of open government in Germany was the commitment’s aim.

The term open government refers to concepts of administrative reform and modernisation that share the goal of accessible administrative actions. In 2009, Barack Obama, for example, specified the term from his point of view as a form of governance with the core principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration. The basic ideas in this context are to strengthen democracy through a greater involvement of citizens and to stimulate the economy, among other things.

The research project first analysed and systematises the relatively heterogeneous objectives, elements, measures, and mechanisms described in the literature on open government in order to obtain a comprehensive overview of the current understanding of the term.

In addition to well-known topics such as Open Data and Open Innovation, also Open Budget and Open Government within the administration were identified and described as relevant fields of action for Open Government. In addition, potentials and implementation obstacles were identified from an administrative science and practical perspective. The study is rounded off by a practical examination of municipal Open Government.



1.5.2019 - 30.04.2020