Open Data - A user-specific analysis of usage and demands

The principle of Open Data is becoming increasingly important in German politics and public administration – in the following years, the provision of publicly funded administrative data will be expanded and the access to Open Data will be simplified. The publication of administrative data represents an important element in open government efforts, with the aim of generating more trust between politics, public administration, civil society and business. In Germany, a large number of Open Data platforms already exist. However, little is yet known about the extent to which the existing offerings meet the needs of the respective user groups. A primary goal of the Open Data research project (initiated by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community) is therefore to provide research findings that will promote the further development of Open Data offerings in line with these needs.

The object of the empirical research in the first phase of the project is Germany's national metadata portal ( First, an analysis of the metadata will provide information about content-related and technical aspects of the datasets. Furthermore, the analysis of usage data will inform about the extent to which is used and the kind of data that is searched for particularly frequently. In addition, in an onsite survey, users will be asked about the context in which they use, whether their expectations are met and whether they have any further requirements. In the second phase of the project, the focus will be on user experiences concerning the wide range of open data offerings in Germany. To this end, three focus groups will be conducted with users from civil society, the private sector, and public administration. Through the different empirical research methods, a comprehensive insight into the use of Open Data in Germany will be gained.


1.09.2019 - 31.12.2021