What the InVR offers you

Implementing analysis of current conditions

We carry out analyses of current conditions for existing structures and processes, in preparation for reform and modernisation processes, in order to generate the most comprehensive basis of information possible, in turn enabling us to develop targeted change processes. In so doing, possible problems and potential for optimisation can be identified and accordingly taken into account when preparing a reform project.

Developing and implementing reform concepts

We advise you during the development and implementation of reform concepts. This applies to both the modernisation of individual organisational units, extensive, structural administrative reform, and the reorganisation of local government. To guarantee successful implementation of the respective reform concepts, we support you in preparing and implementing the requisite procedural steps (e.g. creation of target concepts, milestone planning, stakeholder management).

Developing and implementing participation instruments

Is it your intention to improve opportunities for citizen participation? We will advise you in selecting the appropriate participation instruments and support you in implementing those you select in existing administrative processes. Furthermore, we will evaluate the results of participation processes that have already been carried out and prepare these in such a way so that they may be used in decision-making processes.

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