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Helping you to help yourselves

We support you in orientating the writing style of your administrative body towards the requirements of those who need to understand your texts. This could mean citizens, associations or businesses, but also your own staff. Administrative texts should be legally correct, comprehensible and fit your office's way of working.
A new writing style is generated through the combination of your technical requirements with our linguistic expertise. The objective of our work is to make our help superfluous.

In our projects:

  • we draft copies of and rework texts together with staff from the administrative body or
  • take on the linguistic quality assurance for draft documents, which are submitted to us.

 For example, in our training seminars we advise

  • presenting the message of the administrative body in such a way as it is easily understood by laypeople but nevertheless withstands legal scrutiny, or
  • composing memos and templates in such a way that information flows quickly and seamlessly in your office and enables competent decision making.

For the duration of a project, we provide guidance to the administrative body for a fixed period of time. More time is allocated to projects in which we rework texts together with your staff. This is apt for extensively modernising existing texts, for example notices, information leaflets or forms. We develop proposals for reformulating texts and coordinate these with representatives from specialist departments and IT within your office. If necessary, this work can be accompanied by training seminars.

Quality assurance projects are suited to scenarios in which texts from your office simply require a "final polish". In this case, staff from your office should already have some experience producing more comprehensible texts.
Training seminars are often the first step in project work, but can also be provided independent from projects.


  • familiarise themselves with the socio-psychological foundations of the communication process,
  • learn what makes texts comprehensible, and
  • practice what they have learned through creating their own texts as an example.

We plan our seminars around your requirements. Please contact us!

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