Evaluation of the Thuringian Transparency Act

Section 22 of the Thuringian Transparency Act (ThürTG) obliges the state government to report to the state parliament on the experience with the ThürTG four years after it came into force. The Thuringian Ministry of the Interior and Local Affairs has commissioned the German Research Institute for Public Administration to conduct the evaluation, which examines the following six aspects in more detail:

  1. enforcement of the regulations of the ThürTG on the application for acess to the information and on the Thuringian Information Officer including the advisory board established with it
  2. use of the Thuringian transparency portal
  3. necessity and suitability of the new regulations of the ThürTG in comparison to the Thuringian Freedom of Information Act
  4. organisational, personnel and financial effects on the public authorities named in section 2 ThürTG
  5. side effects of the ThürTG
  6. extent to which the objectives of the ThürTG have been achieved.

The final report is expected to be available in summer 2023.


01.06.2022 - 30.06.24