Evaluation of the initiative "Public Dialogue on Grids" from 2020 on

The German energy transition is very much a joint effort that requires transparency and dialogue. For the reforms to be a success, they will have to be endorsed by the public. Whilst a large majority is in favour of the energy reforms per se, there is still a certain lack of acceptance for the infrastructure projects that are needed.
Dialogue is way of reaching public consensus on major infrastructure projects of the kind that are needed to make the energy reforms a success. This is why, since January 2015, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has been supporting the initiative for a public dialogue on grids (name of the initiative: Bürgerdialog Stromnetz). This initiative follows a regional approach and focuses on so-called hotspots, i. e. municipalities where there is a particularly strong need for communication and discussion.
From 2015 until 2019 the German Research Institute for Public Administration (GRIP) examined the first funding stage. The second funding stage started 2020 und the GRIP has again been assigned of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to evaluate the public dialogue from the initiative.


01.03.2020 - 28.02.2022