Evaluation of the Saxon police law

In May 2019, the Free State of Saxony has revised its police law to adapt and expand various norms in order to take account of technical developments, the changed threat situation and changes in the legal framework. The following five norms of the Saxon Police Law (SächsPVDG), which were adapted, contain an obligation to evaluate:

(1) § 21 (2) and (3) SächsPVDG (residence and contact ban)
(2) § 57(4) and (5) SächsPVDG (use of body cams)
(3) § 58 SächsPVDG (automatic number-plate recognition)
(4) § 59 SächsPVDG (use of video technology to prevent serious cross-border crime)
(5) § 61 SächsPVDG (electronic residence monitoring)  

The Saxon State Ministry of the Interior commissioned the Institute of Regulatory Impact Assessment and Evaluation to carry out the evaluation which is to examine the effectiveness and efficiency, the unintended side-effects and consequences, the practicability and acceptance as well as implementation hurdles and conditions for success in connection with the five norms. In addition, the necessity of the five norms will be assessed. The data required for the evaluation are obtained with the help of qualitative and quantitative survey instruments. Due to the different time periods, the final report on § 59 SächsPVDG must be submitted in summer 2023 and on the other norms in summer 2024. The State Ministry of the Interior reports to the State Parliament on the results of the evaluation.


15.03.2020 - 31.10.2024