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Implementation of large projects

We evaluate the consequences and impact of extensive legislative projects and policy packages. Here we can work alongside the project or undertake work on a preliminary or retrospective basis. We deliver comprehensive statements as to whether the goals being pursued can be achieved on the current path and whether unintended consequences need to be accounted for. We also highlight alternative possibilities for achieving the desired goals. We assess measures already taken or regulations which have been adopted within the framework of our evaluations and give pointers for optimisation. 

Provision of targeted modules on regulatory impact assessment

We place at your disposal modular instruments based on concrete steps in order to answer specific, individual questions that arise within the context of the special measure. By focussing on specific aspects, we can achieve results promptly and cost-effectively.

Consultation and service

Should you wish to carry out the impact assessments and evaluations yourself, we are happy to advise you from a methodological perspective and offer you support and working aids.

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