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The German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV) is the only non-university institution in the Federal Republic of Germany doing application-oriented fundamental research in the field of administrative sciences. It was founded in 1976 as an organizationally independent institution under the jurisdiction of the Minister-President of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate; it is largely integrated, however, in the University’s administrative and other services including the library.

The Institute’s range of tasks relates to research in the field of administrative science with specific regard to the public administration’s practical needs and functions (the motto being research into and for public administration). This commitment confirms the diversity of administrative research, which is also reflected in the variety of disciplines found at the FÖV (science as law, economics, social, political and historical sciences).

As an institution of nation-wide interest, the FÖV is being furthered under the so-called “Blaue Liste” research promotion scheme jointly funded by the Federation and the States. As such, it is a member of the scientific community known as the Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (WGL).

Although the Institute holds a strategic partnership with the “German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer”, the Institute is open to external scientists. Membership may be granted by the Managing Board to scientists with outstanding performances in administrative research from both Germany and abroad. While ordinary members participate in specific research projects, corresponding members provide a scien­tific network assisting research cooperation as agreed by the Institute.

At present the collegially structured Institute has 26 ordinary and 19 corresponding members from Germany and abroad. Under the direction of one or more professors 30-35 junior and senior researchers carry out research projects. The corresponding members belong to the international scientific community.

Research Profile

  • Section I: Modernizing of state and administration
    The long-term task of Section I is the analysis of modernization processes in state and public administration. The current medium-term research program contains two focal points of research: "New Forms of Public Management and Governance" and "Impact Assessment".

  • Section II: Administration in a system of multi-level governance
    The common research topic of Section II is the analysis of government relations within the public sector as long as at least two federal levels participate interactively in this framework. This comprises direct co-operations of subordinate authorities beyond the boundaries of national states and without the direct participation of national governments.

  • Section III: Administration between Public and Private Actors
    The main focus of the research program of Section III concerns the interaction system made up of public administration, societal actors and other governmental institutions, while taking into account the ever-changing economic, technological, ecological, social, political and other conditions.

Coordinated and represented by ordinary members as their heads, these sections form the institutional framework for research at the Institute. In keeping with tradition, this materializes in both research projects and in scientific events, either project-related or independent. As a more recent element, study groups have been instituted.

Research in and for public administration is a concern of many disciplines. At the FÖV, the multidisciplinary approach means not just the coexistence of various subjects but the active synergy of neighbouring disciplines. From their very beginnings, research findings at Speyer have stood for research interests going beyond the mere disciplinary viewpoint.

Research activities are complemented by certain service elements closely related to FÖV research. These take into account the practitioners’ wishes for advice, put research findings to practical use and provide initiative for new research. These service elements include the “Agency for Administrative Surveys” and the “Center for Science Management” (ZWM) and the Scientific Documentation and Transfer Centre for Modernizing Administration in the German Laender (SDTC).


Research findings are published in reports known as Speyerer Forschungsberichte with an ISBN code number but also by commercial publishing houses or in professional journals. Current lists of publications may be obtained from the secretariat. Every year, the Institute draws up a working scheme which, together with the five-year research programme, gives an idea of projects planned and currently in process. Annual reports provide information on research activities in the previous year.


To contribute to scientific discussions and allow for the presentation of research findings the Institute holds working conferences and research seminars. The working conferences are meant to convey findings to an expert public and facilitate discussion on a larger scale. At research seminars concrete research projects or topical subjects are discussed at length in a smaller group setting. Both kinds of events are intended to encourage encounters and an exchange of ideas between scientists and practitioners.

Relationships at National and International Level

The FÖV maintains a variety of relationships with research institutions and universities in Germany, across Europe and world-wide. Cooperation has been established e.g. with the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA) in Washington/USA, with the Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya in Barcelona/ Spain and with the Academy of Economics at the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow/Russia as well as with the Brazilian Federal University Fluminense. Also, German and other qualified scientists (with a doctor’s degree) engaged in administrative research are invited regularly by the FÖV for a limited stay at the Institute as guest researchers.


Managing Board

The Managing Board comprised of five ordinary members and two junior researchers from the Institute is elected for a four-year term. It directs the FÖV, deciding, for example, on the research program, on research projects and who directs them, and it is responsible for budget and staff matters.


The Director and his Deputy are nominated, with the University’s consent, from among the Managing Board members and are then appointed by the Land Rhineland-Palatinate’s Ministry of Science in agreement with the Administrative Board. Their term of office is the same as the Managing Board’s. The Director’s responsibilities include daily business and representation of the Institute towards third parties.

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board, comprised of 21 representatives from Federal and State agencies, safeguards the interests of the authorities funding the Institute and serves as a link to administrative practice. Moreover, the Administrative Board members may submit proposals for research projects.

Scientific Advisory Council

Research at the FÖV is accompanied by a Scientific Advisory Council. Its members are five scientists of various disciplines from other institutions in Germany and abroad appointed upon the Managing Board’s proposal by the Rhineland-Palatinate’s Ministry of Science.

Facts and Figures

  • Members: 26 ordinary members, 19 corresponding members
  • Scientific staff: 30 researchers
  • Secretariat: 5 employees
  • Annual budget: approx. 2.2 m EURO
  • Outside funds: approx. 400.000 EURO
  • Publications: 257 research reports, 232 commercial publications
  • Projects carried out: approx. 280


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