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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Emergence of a supranational executive order

Besides the development of EU law, European integration in administrative matters is most visible in the creation of new institutions and authorities at the European level.

The European Commission, the expanding administrative structures of the Council, and EU agencies give tangible organisational expression to a new order of European executive power. Against this background, the research projects in in this cluster focus on specific features of the emerging supranational executive order and characteristics of the proper law of EU administrations.

Research topics center around structures and functioning of the EU’s supranational authorities. Projects also investigate the resulting framework conditions and opportunities for national public actors to have an impact on the authorities and administrative bodies of the EU.

What forms of interaction between national and supranational administrations have been established? How effective and efficient are they? How can democratic legitimacy be ensured for these new forms of administrative interaction? And consequently: What standards of democratic legitimacy are required for the new cooperative relations between national actors and the supranational level in the European multi-level system of governance?

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stelkens

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stelkens




Prof. Dr. Cristina Fraenkel-Haeberle