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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Public-private cooperation areas

Digital technologies interlink state and private actors more and more closely every day. They create a variety of new cooperation, collaboration and co-production processes. As a result of this, the interplay of public administration with the economy is subject to ongoing change, which brings with it new opportunities as well as challenges.

The more complex and intermeshed the structure of the public-private area of cooperation, the more urgent the question of a suitable regulatory framework. This applies beyond just the data protection responsibility in the network of online participants to which different participants make a variety of contributions. The interfaces of the public and private sectors in the Industry 4.0 environment have not yet been clearly defined, nor are there existing legal provisions for "embedded systems". 

The following projects cluster around this core research topic:


Note: The text on this home page is copyrighted. It is taken verbatim or based on Martini, "Digitalisierung als Herausforderung und Chance für Staat und Verwaltung" (Digitalisation as Challenge and Chance for State and Administration), FÖV Discussion Paper No. 85, 2016, in particular p. 66.

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Mario Martini

Prof. Dr. Mario Martini



Quirin Weinzierl


Michael Kolain