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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Organisational principles of mobile government

The project "Organisational Principles of Mobile Government" deals with the opportunities in public administration for using mobile services in the interest of the common good. The project produces groundwork for mobile e-government (services on mobile devices), questions of the transferability of strategies from business to the administration and the identification of success factors for administration. The result is of practical and scientific interest because it determines whether and when there is a valid need in the administrative services for mobile e-government services and therefore also for the mobile ID, and how this needs to look.

In recent years the mobile Internet has become an essential area of development for the digital society. "Mobile first" is the dominating strategy of leading Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. It is therefore not surprising that innovative and leading e-government countries also offer a comprehensive yet differentiated mobile e-government. Compared with internationally leading e-government countries, studies of Germany generally attest to a low number of mobile e-government products (especially on the level of local governments).

The area of mobile e-government is still a comparably young and less developed field of research with a high need for study. In this context, the research projects should examine the central research question of how to successfully design mobile e-government. In so doing, patterns of use and usage preferences for mobile e-government services, location-based services (LBS), the derivation of relevant potential applications and the identification of best practices are analysed. The project will make recommendations for the user-focused and legal-compliant design of the digital transformation with regard to the design of mobile e-government services.

Note: The text on this home page is copyrighted. It is taken verbatim or based on Martini, "Digitalisierung als Herausforderung und Chance für Staat und Verwaltung" (Digitalisation as Challenge and Chance for State and Administration), FÖV Discussion Paper No. 85, 2016, in particular p. 74 f.  

Senior Fellow

Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar