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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Open innovation competitions in the public sector - citizens and state as collaborative social entrepreneurs

The project "Open Innovation Competitions from the Public" examines the effects of open innovation on the administrative culture from an international comparison perspective and gathers structural opportunities of state-initiated, open social innovation processes.

The starting point for the study is an international comparison of state open innovation and crowdsourcing platforms. Based on the data collected there, it will evaluate how open innovation approaches affect the administrative culture and especially the civic incorporation into state-controlled development processes. In the process, it will include the first open innovation experiences of German administration. The subject of the comparison is not only the effects on the administrative culture but also the actual design of the evaluated open innovation products as competitive procedures, idea portals or online workshops.

The study of the opportunities associated with an open innovation approach is characterised by high degree of dynamism. All relevant publications are very recent. While the thoughts of innovation labs in the Anglo-Saxon countries have already set a precedent, in Germany it is still in its infancy. Both the scientific analysis and the practical implementation are in the very early phases. The project design aims to determine the effects of open innovation measures on the self-perception of state agencies and their relationship to the citizens from an administrative and scientific view. An additional goal of the research project is to show the legal need for regulation and limits for open innovation products in the form of competitions in Germany.

Note: The text on this home page is copyrighted. It is taken verbatim or based on Martini, "Digitalisierung als Herausforderung und Chance für Staat und Verwaltung" (Digitalisation as Challenge and Chance for State and Administration), FÖV Discussion Paper No. 85, 2016, in particular p. 79 f. 

Senior Fellow

Prof. Dr. Ines Mergel