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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Experimental ground „digital public space“ for the development and testing of a cooperative data infrastructure as basis of intercommunal mobility applications by the example of heavy lift and high volume transports

Launched on 1.10.2017. our research institute is participating in the joint project „xDataToGo" funded by the federal support programme „mFund". The acronym „xDataToGo" stands for a project aiming to merge municipal data of the digital road space with those of federal and state governments to create a regional, jointly usable data infrastructure. Henceforth, the project partners are planning to uniformly collect information such as road widths, vertical clearance, curve radii or allowed traffic loads of the cities and municipalities in the Rhein-Neckar area. They want to link them with data of the federal and state governments in order to make them available for innovative mobility applications (for example via the federal mobility data marketplace „MDM"). So far these data have been available in a very heterogeneous form. The municipalities in particular have not yet established uniform database standards.

At the meta level, the project partners are developing a general procedure model for intermunicipal data marketplaces that serve municipalities as a basis for comparable projects. The model is based on the actual use of routing for heavy-duty transports. The database infrastructure is meant to simplify the extremely complicated and resource- and time-consuming approval procedure. The aim is to carry out a test operation of the infrastructure in the inter-regional metropolitan area Rhein-Neckar (MRN).

Partners of the experimental research project are - besides the FÖV Speyer - University of Mannheim, the association „GeoNet.MRN" (Mannheim) as well as Thales Germany GmbH (Ditzingen) and MTS mechanical engineering Schrode AG (Hayingen). The federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is supporting the project with 1,4 million €.

The German Research Institute of Public Administration is contributing to the joint project with its legal expertise in questions of data security, data protection, the operator model or liability. Especially the design of a workable operator model causes challenging questions for science and practice with regard to the complex legal framework for licensing and commercial exploitation of public data in the internet. The research institute will address these questions in several publications and provide practical solutions. It will also analyze the terms "data ownership" and "data sovereignty" and their underlying legal concepts.

In addition to its scientific publications, the FÖV is assisting municipalities and project partners as initial contact for emerging legal issues and contributes its expertise to the project through workshops.

Senior Fellow

Prof. Dr. Mario Martini



Tobias Rehorst, Ref. iur.



1.10.2017 – 30.09.2020


Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure