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German Research Institute for Public Administration


We are the only research institution in Germany to examine public administration on all levels and highlight possibilities for further development and improvement.
"Research into and for public administration" is our remit and our motto. Therefore we strive towards a balanced relationship between foundation and application focused research - for us, theory and practice go hand in hand. We not only present our findings in the context of informed discussion within the academic community, we also ensure the transfer of new insights via constant dialogue with administrative practice. We offer public administrative bodies practically focused academic advice and supervision, developing tailor-made solutions for their respective practical tasks and requirements. We also orientate our research towards topics that are of significance for our partners in public administration. In so doing, we connect current questions with long-term lines of development for states and societies.

In view of the exceptionally significant pressure to transform placed upon administrative bodies by multidimensional and dynamic changes within their respective environments, the "transformation of the state" lies at the centre of our research interests. Firstly, we are concerned with determining processes for change and their causes, which the state and administrative bodies are subject to, be that through external or internal factors. Secondly, we attempt to give answers to questions concerning how the state and administrative bodies can shape the process of transformation. In this respect, in order to be able to develop differentiated and effective concepts, we consistently concentrate our research on central transformative factors.

We predominantly work in interdisciplinary project teams, which cover a broad spectrum of approaches from administrative science, law, political science and sociology, and can draw from the methodological repertoire of these disciplines. Beyond this technical diversity, our comprehensive approach is supported by the fact that our researchers come from different scientific cultures. For this reason as well, we see ourselves as the primary contact partner for European and international administrative science and practice.

We understand recruiting and further education in particular to be the driver of excellence in the science of administration. For this reason, we take on specially qualified young researchers and encourage them in the pursuit of further qualifications. We consider gender-specific effects in all our proposals and decisions, and work towards combating existing disadvantages. In the spirit of the reconciliation of work and family life, we support a partnership model, in which both partners can bear equal responsibility for the upbringing of their children or care of their close family relatives.

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Postal Address:
P.O. Box 14 09
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