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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Revision and digitalization of the Working Aid Gender Impact Assessment "Gender Mainstreaming in the Preparation of Legislation"

The project’s task is to revise the Working Aid Gender Impact Assessment "Gender Mainstreaming in the Preparation of Legislation" from 2007 and to prepare its digitalization within the framework of electronic legislation.

At first, the project identifies content that needs to be revised to adapt the working aid to current societal and legal developments. To do this, InGFA can resort to the extensive expertise of the “Agency for the Third Gender Equality Report of the German Federal Government”, which took part in the conceptualization of the original working aid.

The working aid’s main intention is to create awareness of the impacts of laws within the existing gender structures and thus, to foster the development of legislation with positive or at least neutral effects on gender equality. Moreover, the federal government’s gender equality goals are to become an integral part of legislation. Additionally, the project explores to what extent guidelines for legislative impact assessment can react to current gender-related scientific findings as well as legal developments.

Besides the revision of contents, the project also uses the opportunity to prepare the working aid’s integration into the digital legislative process that is currently developed within the project “eLegislation”. There is, thus, a close connection to the existing project “Consolidation and digitisation of work aids, guidelines, and handbooks relating to the legislative procedure”. Instead of merely transferring contents from the document version of a working aid into a digital format, the project aims to make good use of the ample opportunities provided by digitalization. A modern user-friendly environment allows to provide further information and links to data without compromising clarity and handling. This, in turn, provides the opportunity to reduce the accompanying document version to the essentials and to put a strong focus on the step-wise screening of legislative impact assessment.