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German Research Institute for Public Administration

Political and administrative consultation

The institute offers tailored consultation services on a scientific basis for public institutions. In this way, research results can quickly be put into practice and, at the same time, research can continue to focus on application.

The consultation services of the German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV) are closely interlinked with research. Firstly, this ensures the quick transfer of scientific insights into practical administrative action. Secondly, important stimuli for further research are gleaned from practical application, meaning that the research can be optimally orientated towards the requirements of administrative bodies.

The FÖV offers a broad spectrum of consultation services for public bodies on all levels. In addition, there are specialised consultation divisions:

• Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment and Evaluation (InGFA)
• Institute for Administrative Reform (InVR)
• Institute for Administrative Communication (InVK)

Programme Director

Bild Leiter Beratungsbereich

   Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.*  
   Jan Ziekow




Axel Piesker